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    Sir, is -100 dBm the default value for noise floor?

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    Joel Crane

    Hi John,

    Is -100 dBm the default value for noise floor?

    On a typical WiFi adapter, the noise floor will vary from vendor to vendor. -100 dBm is a likely noise floor, but it can be just about anything else.

    With Chanalyzer, we can see the noise floor, so we can tell exactly what it is.

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    Matthew Collins

    Firstly you state that the Signal Strength is -56dBm and the Noise Floor is -89dBm.  Then you say SNR formula is SNR = Noise - Signal Strength.

    Then you give the calculation of (-56 dBm) - (-89 dBm), which is Signal Strength - Noise, not Noise - Signal Strength.

    Should the formula not be SNR = Signal Strength - Noise (which is how you calculated your example)?

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    Joel Crane

    Thanks for pointing out the typo. Fixed.

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