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    Hi Joel,

    thanks for the simple and easy to understand RSSI summary.  are the table based on any particular 802.11 standards? i mean is it a/b/g/n or ac? or it doesn't really matter

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    Joel Crane (Edited )

    Hi Mike, 

    We don't have a table like that... but that sounds like a great idea. I'll put it on the To-Do list. :)

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    alireza mohammadi

    Hi Joel,
    thanks for your article. can I have this RSSI data on other software like MATLAB

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    Joel Crane

    Hi Alrireza,

    Good question! Let's take your question about MATLAB to email where we can discuss it further. Contact our support team using the "Help" button at the bottom of all of our webpages. Thanks! 

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