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    I am curious as to the performance difference in the alternating vs simultaneous sweeps. Are we looking at a fraction of a second between 2.4 and 5GHz sweeps when using a single Wi-Spy adapter versus the Double Rainbow mode, or is it longer than a second? If there is a persistent signal I am observing on one particular band, I don't see a single adapter being that big of a deal. However, if there would be considerable delay while switching between the two, I would feel more comfortable with a dedicated adapter for each band. Regardless, thanks for implementing this in Chanalyzer 5!

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    Joel Crane
    Each sweep take a bit longer, but the amount of time that it takes Wi-Spy to switch from band-to-band is imperceptible. If you are watching for something that has a high enough duty cycle to have an impact on your wireless network, Wi-Spy DBx should absolutely see it, even if it is in dual-band mode. For the fastest sweeps and most complete spectrum coverage, pick up a Wi-Spy 2.4x to compliment your Wi-Spy DBx. That will give you 100 percent speed and spectrum sweep coverage.

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