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    Wayne Scott

    Excellent! This answers many of the questions I have been stewing over.
    Thank you, Joel.

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    Joel Crane

    Thanks Wayne, glad that we could help. :)

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    Eric Admati

    Hi Joel, 

    Thank you for this article. I am supporting a facility that has 2 Meraki MR12 APs, a Meraki MX60, and 3 or 4  openmesh MR900.

    The place is about 10,000-15,000 sq ft. 

    I was thinking to change them to all one brand. I like that Meraki has 24 hour tech support (when you purchase their mandatory licenses that is). 

    Could you tell me how would I go about selecting replacements, preferably from a company that offers phone support?

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    Router Support

    If you buy an access point or router then several types of manufactures are available in the market. such as D-link, Asus, Cisco etc. my friend is used the Router and he facing the problem related to the router then visit 

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