How do I use a different router with my DSL service?




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    Jeremy Conlin (Edited )

    Thanks for posting this. I'm trying to do exactly the same thing with the same equipment. 


    I can do what you said, but the Airport Extreme keeps dropping the connection to CenturyLink about every minute.

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    Joel Crane (Edited )

    Sorry to hear that it isn't working flawlessly. I've never had it not work, so I can only speculate about what might be causing the problem. I'd completely factory reset both devices and try again. If that doesn't work, get another modem from Craigslist and try again.

    Edit: There might also be a setting on the AirPort Extreme that will "keep alive" the connection. I think it's possible to have the AirPort close the connection if there isn't activity, and you don't want that. Sorry that I can't be more specific here, as I don't have an AirPort in front of me to test with.

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    Deron (Edited )

    Worked for me using ZyXel c1100z and Asus RT-AC66.  Worked ok without the PPPoE username and password but, I obtained it anyway. So, now my router sets up the IP instead of the ZyXel.   Is there a way now to log into the ZyXel now?

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    Joel Crane

    Hi Deron!

    If you set your ASUS router to, and if your Zyxel is set to, you might be able to get to it., but I'm not totally sure. I would give that a try to see if that allows you to route to it.

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    Janet L Ewing

    Worked like a charm, thank you for posting!

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    Ramon Ornelas

    Im using an apple express as my router but now how do I log in to my modem.

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    Curtis Gabrielson (Edited )

    After trying to figure this out for about a day using the TMobile Cellspot Router (TM1900), I figured out that the CenturyLink technicolor C2000T does do vid 201 on Transparent Bridged Untagged mode. Not only that, if you want to go back to using the modem as the router and put the modem into PPPoE mode, you have to factory reset it to get it to connect.

    The way I figured out that the Cellspot router can work with the c2000t is:

    • Set the C2000T to Transparent Bridged Untagged as shown in the article above.
    • On the Cellspot router (which is an Asus 68u basically), click WAN and choose PPPoE. Hit Save.
    • Click Quick Internet Setup in the upper-right corner. Then, plug in your PPPoE credentials. There's a spot to click additional ISP profiles (sorry going off memory here). I clicked that and found that the profile Manual let me set the Internet VID. Set it to 201 and leave the rest blank.

    You might also find that you can set the PPPoE in the WAN settings area and then set the Internet VID by clicking LAN > IPTV > Select ISP profile > Manual. I haven't tested that but it should work.

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