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    Jeremy Conlin (Edited )

    Thanks for posting this. I'm trying to do exactly the same thing with the same equipment. 


    I can do what you said, but the Airport Extreme keeps dropping the connection to CenturyLink about every minute.

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    Joel Crane (Edited )

    Sorry to hear that it isn't working flawlessly. I've never had it not work, so I can only speculate about what might be causing the problem. I'd completely factory reset both devices and try again. If that doesn't work, get another modem from Craigslist and try again.

    Edit: There might also be a setting on the AirPort Extreme that will "keep alive" the connection. I think it's possible to have the AirPort close the connection if there isn't activity, and you don't want that. Sorry that I can't be more specific here, as I don't have an AirPort in front of me to test with.

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    Deron (Edited )

    Worked for me using ZyXel c1100z and Asus RT-AC66.  Worked ok without the PPPoE username and password but, I obtained it anyway. So, now my router sets up the IP instead of the ZyXel.   Is there a way now to log into the ZyXel now?

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    Joel Crane

    Hi Deron!

    If you set your ASUS router to, and if your Zyxel is set to, you might be able to get to it., but I'm not totally sure. I would give that a try to see if that allows you to route to it.

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    Janet L Ewing

    Worked like a charm, thank you for posting!

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    Ramon Ornelas

    Im using an apple express as my router but now how do I log in to my modem.

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    Curtis Gabrielson (Edited )

    After trying to figure this out for about a day using the TMobile Cellspot Router (TM1900), I figured out that the CenturyLink technicolor C2000T does do vid 201 on Transparent Bridged Untagged mode. Not only that, if you want to go back to using the modem as the router and put the modem into PPPoE mode, you have to factory reset it to get it to connect.

    The way I figured out that the Cellspot router can work with the c2000t is:

    • Set the C2000T to Transparent Bridged Untagged as shown in the article above.
    • On the Cellspot router (which is an Asus 68u basically), click WAN and choose PPPoE. Hit Save.
    • Click Quick Internet Setup in the upper-right corner. Then, plug in your PPPoE credentials. There's a spot to click additional ISP profiles (sorry going off memory here). I clicked that and found that the profile Manual let me set the Internet VID. Set it to 201 and leave the rest blank.

    You might also find that you can set the PPPoE in the WAN settings area and then set the Internet VID by clicking LAN > IPTV > Select ISP profile > Manual. I haven't tested that but it should work.

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    Tadhg Kelly

    I tried this, but not my Apple router is spitting out an error saying 

    IPv6 Relay Error

    And I'm also only seeing maybe 80Mb download and 150 Mb upload, which is well below the 1 Gig I should be getting (or at least 4-500 real-life).

    Any ideas what to do?


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    Joel Crane

    Hi Tadhg,

    I don't have an AirPort Extreme in front of me to test with... but I recall getting an error like this. There was a setting in there somewhere where you could turn the IPv6 stuff off... look around in the settings to see if you can find it. 

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    Tadhg Kelly

    Hey Joel,

    I see options for Configure IPv6 (link-local, automatically, manually) and IPv6 Mode (Tunnel, Native), and on another page Block Incoming IPv6 Connections. Any of those sound like the one?

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    Tadhg Kelly

    Update: I set the Apple Extreme to local-only, which seemed to remove the IPV6 error. Still getting poor download/upload speed though. 80/150.

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    Way Cool Jr.

    I bought a C2000T so I could save the $10 a month charge not combine mine with theirs. Do you have instructions for that ?? CenturyLink says they have no problems with that but has a lockdown on their modems. You seem not to have that problem, please help.  Thanks, Way Cool Jr.  

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    Joel Crane

    Hi Way Cool Jr,

    You should be able to use any VDSL or ADSL2 model with CenturyLink (depending on if they're serving you VDSL, ADSL, or ADSL2 at your location). I don't know of them locking anything down, but they probably just don't want to commit to helping you set up a 3rd party modem (which I think is reasonable... they need to concentrate on serving that majority of their customers).

    You should be able to pick up a used CenturyLink modem somewhere, enter your PPPoE username and password, and use it with your CenturyLink service. I don't think I can be of any more help than that though. Best of luck!

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    Zach S

    Hello! Thanks for the guide, I couldn't find where to go in the C1100Z's settings to put it into Bridge mode. One question though, what purpose does settings the DNS servers to and have, and is this a necessary step? I am not going to be using the same router, but I am still curious about this step.


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    Joel Crane

    Hi Zach,

    Setting the DNS servers to and aren't necessary, but I like to do it. The reason is that those are Google's DNS servers, which I find to be a bit faster and more reliable than the default, which is your ISP's DNS servers. 

    Whether you follow that step is completely up to you. Thanks!

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    Asaf Rahm

    Hi Joel, 


    Thank you for this post, it is very through and provides much information needed.

    Do you think that I will be able to connect configure and use my Asus AC1900 with CenturyLink?

    Thank you,


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    Joel Crane

    Hi Asaf,

    Should work! Be ready for some investigation and experimentation to get everything working.

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    Lloyd Phillip

    Thank you Joel,  Worked on TP-Link. You are right, Investigation and experimenting and patience.

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    Dan Hess

    I've been struggling with getting my ASUS RT-AC68U to work with the Technicolor C2100T, with the C2100T in 'transparent bridge' mode. Hence me finding this page! After much hand-wringing, I had a revelation: if all the modem's doing is directly relaying packets form the ethernet port on the wall to the 'WAN' port on my router ... why do I need the C2100T? I plugged my Asus Router straight into the wall (with my PPPoE credentials saved on there), and it instantly worked. I could've saved $100 and not bought the modem/router from CenturyLink in the first place!

    Maybe omitting the CenturyLink equipment was obvious to everyone else, but it hadn't crossed my mind!

    In case someone in a similar boat reads this post, the settings I used were: PPPoE username/pass as provided by CenturyLink (or retrieved from the modem), Internet going on VLAN 201, and that's about it!

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    Maverick (Edited )

    Hello, i'm new to all of this interesting stuff. Anyways, this is why i'm here. I'm following all of your steps to install my Netgear AC1200 to my C1900A. The step i am stuck on is 13. I changed my WAN to transparent bridging and i have no clue where to find the configuration of the AC1200 to put in the password and such in to the PPPOE on the router. 


    long story short: How do i access the routers settings without being connected to my internet with my AC1200?

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    Joel Crane


    I would consult your router's documentation to find out how to configure PPPoE. Pretty much every router out there has settings for that. Once you've got the PPPoE settings plugged in, just connect the WAN port on your Netgear to a LAN port on your C1900A.

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    Noel Castle

    Going to try this later today, a few questions:

    11) "unplug your ethernet cable from the modem, and plug it into one of the LAN ports on your new router."

    Does this mean, an ethernet cable from the PC to a LAN port on the router?

    16) "connect an ethernet cable from the AirPort Extreme's WAN port and port 1 on the modem."

    Port 1 on the modem, is this a LAN port?

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    I Love Meringue

     Great article, lots of help for me.  I have a few follow-up questions.

    (FYI: I am using a Netgear AC1200 Smart WiFi Router with and CenturyLink modem/router c1000a).

    1. The WiFI names associated with the CenturyLink router are still visible.  I CAN connect to them but not access the internet.  Is this correct, should I still be able to see those? 
    2. Now that I've put the CenturyLink in Bridge mode I cannot access the GUI at  I get a "This site can’t be reached" error page. Is this correct and how would I access the GUI again if I want to change something?

    I HAVE rebooted both the CenturyLink Modem and the NetGear Router. 

    Thank you.

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    Ron Natalie

    Here's a hint. If you have the Actiontec (C1900A or the like) CenturyLink modem and you're trying to run it in transparent bridge mode and find it's dropping packets (and the internet light is alternating RED/GREEN) this turns out to be a bug in the broadband settings autoconfiguration code. Here's how you fix it:

    1. Reset your modem (stick a paper clip in the reset hole until the power light turns from green to orange).
    2. After it boots up, config the thing up NOT in transparent bridge mode.
    3. After it comes up, go to ADVANCED SETTINGS/BROADBAND SETTINGS
    4. Note that several menu settings on this page are set to AUTO. Under that it displays (in red) what they got auto set to. Switch these settings from AUTO to what it is currently set to.
    5. Set back to transparent bridge.

    Now your modem will survive reboots without going into doofus mode.

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    Nirmal (Edited )

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